Well, if we talk about the abdominal part, most people are very confused about this. Especially, those who want to build muscle. They usually believe a fake rumor that if they will go for the abdominal exercise, they will be going to lose some muscle, but that not right from their part. Indeed, performing the core workout is also as important as the other body part exercises.

In fact, legs form the largest muscle group in our body, so if you work on these muscle groups such as your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, then you may have a better benefit on your abdominal part as well. 

Apart from this, if we look from a scientific point of view, it has been proven that making your legs work with heavy load enhances the production of growth hormone and testosterone in the body. These two hormones help you pack on muscle in every part. If you want bigger arms and chest, then you must have to consider leg workout as a crucial workout to perform at least once a week.


Let’s¬†go through some various¬†exercises with you.¬†


Let’s talk about its form first –¬†

A common mistake we often see is the overarching of the back among many people. The overextension of the spine can potentially be harmful to your back. It oftentimes shifts the majority of the weight onto the toes resulting in difficulty to maintain balance. What we want to see is a neutral spine throughout the entire movement. 


While performing this exercises when you come down, you want your hips to be parallel with your knees. And The majority of the weight and power should come from your heels. As you go up, imagine a line of power coming from your heels pushing the weight up. When you reach the top, push your hips forward, and lock your knees.



¬†So, Now¬†let’s¬†discuss¬†how¬†a beginner can¬†do dumbbell lunges in an effective way. if¬†you’re just starting this exercise and¬†you want to learn the form of dumbbell¬†lunges. We’re¬†going to¬†cover everything here.¬†So don’t wait for a second to¬†incorporate this into your workout¬†routine to get great results.


To perform this, the first thing comes first. So just Be in posture & have a nice stance,¬†because as¬†you‘re doing the dumbbell lunges, you need¬†to balance and if your stance is too¬†narrow and you’re stepping, it’s¬†going to be wobbly. So have a nice¬†shoulder-width stance.¬†Lift your chest high and back¬†core should be tight.¬†

So, pick one leg at a time, step forward about 2 to 3 feet. And drop down in a position, where your knee is roughly in line with your front toe and not coming forward. 

¬†So¬†we want to step forward, what we¬†don’t want to do is to step too shallow and¬†collapse things¬†happen. Conversely,¬†we¬†don’t want to step too far, where we got¬†our hip flexor¬†stretch. We want to find that Goldilocks¬†in the middle.¬†¬†So¬†step forward accordingly,¬†make sure¬†coming down knee is¬†drawing a nice straight line with that¬†toe, back foot barely touches and we’re¬†driving right on back to the starting position.¬†


Things to remember  

(a) Make sure you pick a weight that you can easily come up with. 

(b) Make sure to maintain a proper balance. 

(c) Make sure you’re always driving through¬†those glutes & legs and¬†you’re staying nice, upright, and not¬†hinging forward.¬†


No.3 –¬†LEG PRESS ¬†¬†

So, coming up next is a great compound exercise next to squats and that is leg press, which mainly focuses on quads and glutes depending upon the foot placement.  

Before you guys start this exercise, always adjust the seat first depending upon your height intervention & motion. Make sure your legs are not hyperextended and you are protecting your knee. 

Another very important thing is foot placement. So the higher your foot, the more will be the glute and hamstring activation. Most importantly, choose an appropriate weight so that you can perform clean repetitions.

While performing this workout, when you are bringing the weight down, roll your toes to about 9 degrees without bouncing off to your chest. Remember to play with your breathing process as well which means when bringing the weight down slowly, you are supposed to inhale and exhale when you are pushing it up. 





To perform this exercise, you need to place your feet on the pad. Make sure that your legs are pretty well wedged under the toes and your heels are hanging off on the pad. So after that all you have to do is to stand up on your tippy-toes and bring your heels down as far as you can stretch them. 

When you come back up, use the balls of your feet. Put a lot of the emphasis on your big toe, create pressure on your feet more to the inside on the big toe rather than on the outside. Come all the way down to a full stretch, and squeeze those calves at the top. 

Well, This¬†is an exercise in which you don’t need a¬†lot of weight and you will feel that, higher¬†reps work better. What you might see in the gym¬†oftentimes that people are¬†using momentum,¬†they bounce the weight up with their legs¬†and¬†feet.¬†As a¬†result,¬†they don‚Äôt¬†get a¬†good¬†calf contraction.¬†

So, performing this exercise slow with a controlled full range of motion works the best. 


Furthermore, about sets and reps, Hit 3 sets of 25 reps clean with a full range of motion, squeeze up and feel the sweet pain. 

That’s all about the seated calf raise. 


 The next step is  to develop a strong abdominal structure.  

¬†Strong core¬†refers¬†to more than just the ABS. It’s kind of the¬†muscles ranging from right below your¬†chest to your waistline.

NOTE THIS РStronger the core, Better will be the posture. 

By having a  good posture, you become more confident, more energized, you breathe better means, more oxygen in and out of your body. A strong core helps you in getting rid of the following bad forms of posture. 

There are 2 different types of bad postures- 

Anterior pelvic thrust.

Posterior pelvic. 


Another benefits are increase in power and stability. Basically, your core is used in every lift that you do whether it be the bench-press, deadlift, squats, pull-ups. Even if you are just doing your arms, you need a strong core to keep your body in place and keep everything in place because your core connects your upper body with your lower body.  

Core strength helps in the improvement of¬†daily life tasks as well, whether you’re¬†sitting down behind a desk all day or¬†just lifting boxes for your job. Your¬†core takes part in everything.¬†So that‚Äôs why guys,¬†it’s¬†very¬†important to treat the core workout as an important workout considering not to ignore its numerous benefits.¬†


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Well, most of the people have a weak abdominal part because of the lack of engagement in the core workout. So by¬†performing the core workout along with the¬†compound exercises of legs like squats and leg press,¬†one can boost up the process to strengthen their abdominal part¬†and that’s¬†because of the rise in the level of the primary hormone¬†in the body.
So in taking care the numerous benefits of legs and abs workout together, let us discuss an AMAZING WORKOUT PLAN¬†to build those strong legs and core‚Ź©‚Ź©


NOTE: Rest 30-45 seconds between sets.



4   *   8


                       3   *   10 (EACH LEG)


   3   *   12-8


3   *   25


NOTE: Rest 20-30 seconds between sets.



3   *   15


3   *   15


3   *   30 SECONDS


3   *   15


Hope, all of you have noted down this 5 DAYS SUPER EFFECTIVE WORKOUT PLAN . After this, our NEXT STEP is¬†TO CALCULATE MACROS¬† according to your body goal no matter if its muscle gain, fat loss, or if you want to maintain your body weight. SoūüĎČūüĎČ CLICK HERE ūüĎąūüĎą and step further to KNOW your DAILY CALORIE INTAKE REQUIREMENT.