If you’re looking for the best shoulder exercises then you’ve come to the right place. On this page, I’m going to show you the 4 BEST SHOULDER EXERCISES FOR BEGINNERS to help not only to get bigger delt, but to increase the weight on the exercises you’re already doing. 
So, let’s kick things out.



So first off we will start with a regular dumbbell shoulder press and keep in my mind not to go heavy for the first time. Try to build tension on that muscle part and engage it more as you can.

So kick off the weight up, and the first thing that you should be going to do is bring your elbows a little forward. A lot of times you see people doing shoulder press with their arms flared out. Having them forward it’s just going to put your shoulder into a healthier position.  Because of that ball-and-socket, your shoulder is naturally going to roll forward, and glide easier. 

 After that what you’re going to do is to drop your elbows down and as when you do itbring the weight outward, but make sure not to flare it. You need to bring it out frontward or forward at an angle. You don’t want to be at 45 or 90 degree angle but about 70 should be recommended. And then you want to go down to where your elbows are just below 90 degrees and press back up. 

After that, make sure to keep going through that motion down to 90 degrees, press up, and then at the top, don’t lock your elbows out. Focus and squeeze out with your shoulder. 

Remember, there’s a difference between just straight locking your elbows and squeezing your shoulders all the way up. So focus on getting that good formcontrolling it down & stopping it just below 90, pressing it back up and then getting right back into the next rep. 

 A big mistake that people do is that pressing up and then resting for like a second or two at the top or catching a breath and not realizing that they’re resting for a second at the top and it’s just making their set that much longer and making it that much less efficient or effective. 

So that’s going to be the first exercise. It’s better to go with 4 sets & 8 reps first. Make sure to hit that muscle hard in those reps.  



For our next exercise, You generally want to go a little bit lighter with the lateral raises. Just because they’re a little bit harder at first.  

Take a lightweight, contract that muscle, squeeze it, and hit that part hard. 

So first off, you’re getting into a nice seated position, and back should not be resting against the pad. Forward a little bit, bend slightly, and then focus on pressing your elbows out while keeping your shoulders down. 

So a lot of times when people are doing lateral raises, they get a lot of activation in their traps because as they lift weight up, they’re also shrugging at the same time because it’s either too heavy or they just don’t know how to do it right. So, what you want to focus on is pressing your shoulders down and then bringing those weights out to the side, and then you’re not going to be bringing them up super high.  

 And yes, some folks also bring the weight up much higher than they need to. All you have to do is bring it up to shoulder level and when you bring it back down, you don’t want to bring it to where you’re resting at the bottom. Make sure to never lose that tension on your shouldersSo, that’a all of the stuff that needs to be done.

Hit those 3 sets with 10 clean reps and feel the sweet pain in your shoulders. 


So next up is going to be front raise. Take those dumbbells right next to you and don’t lean forward in this. What you are going to do here is lean back a little bit against the pad and then use the pad to stabilize your body and press your arms forward and bring the weights up to a shoulder level.  

So again, you’re not going to lift the and pass the weight above the shoulder level. It needs to be just to the shoulder level. Furthermore, the same principles will apply at the top and the bottom, not going too high but also at the bottom. Make sure not to bring it fully down because again you will be resting in that position. So stop down at an angle where your shoulder is activated. 

Note – A full range of motion is required and the same thing is with lateral raises. You’re not supposed to shrug up as you press the weight forward. 

Well for this exercise, hit 3 sets again with 10 reps clean. 

 This is going to be  straight burner on your delts.


So next up is to know how to do shrugs with dumbbells.

Now the first thing you want to do is pick up your dumbbells and the best way to do is you want to get yourself in the middle, sit down and then pick up the dumbbells with the support of your legs, not going to come up and then use your back. So pick it straight up and now what you want to do is to keep a slight bend to your knees and keep your feet close together. So the dumbbells can lay at your sides. After then arch your back slightly. Bring your shoulder blades together and keep them pinched during this exercise.

keep your wrist and arms straight making a neutral spine, and then breathe out as you elevate your shoulders up. So it’s very simple. Bring down & breathe in.
Make sure to keep your arms straight and then bring them down the same way, and that’s how you do shrugs with dumbbells.

 Here we go, you can build and develop muscular shoulders by following this amazing shoulder workout planwhich makes them look wider and aesthetically pleasing⏩⏩👇


NOTE: Rest 30-45 seconds between sets.



4   *   8


3   *   10


3   *   10


4   *   15

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