Here is the list of the TOP 5 BICEP EXERCISES FOR BEGINNERS that get you the most out of your workout.


It is the most effective exercise for building biceps. With this you want to ensure that your wrists, elbow, and shoulders are all kept in alignment. 

Exhale as you pull the bar up, making sure the elbows don’t pull too far forwards and the focus is on squeezing and contracting the muscle up at the top. If you go too heavy, you’re going to start to rock back and forth and take much of that effectiveness away from the bicep.  

Let’s move on and check out exercise no.2.



It is a great exercise for targeting the longer outer bicep head as opposed to when you have the elbows inwards on a bench or supporting for that short head. So this one has tons of variations and you can add a rotation in to perform single arm or with both arms together. 

Note this, slight rotation and pulls in much of the forearm adds a nice little peak at the top. And remember, don’t go too heavy. Just focus on your form, remain upright and if you are on an inclined bench, you can always play around with the incline of the bench that will increase the intensity on the biceps. 

As far as about setsand reps, focus on 3 sets and a rep range of 12, 10, and down to 8. 



Single arm concentration curl is ideal for working the short head of the bicep. So when people see a split in the bicep, it’s in fact the same muscle head split two ways. Well actually, you’ve got the long head and the short head, which gives that a nice split in between.

The way to get this split is through diet, consistency with training, and the types of exercises particularly one like this, where your elbow is supportive in front of your arm and for this you can use a bench or an incline bench to support the back of your arm firmly against the bench and allow a full length of the bicep without letting the weight of the forearm touch down.  

All in all, it’s very important to keep the tension in the bicep throughout the full range of motion, squeezing up the top, ensuring a straight line from the wrist elbow up to the shoulder, and add a little rotation inwards to emphasize that peak. 

 12 reps on each arm with 3 sets is all you need when you’re starting. 



This is another great exercise for the inner bicep head, short muscle. as well as the long head when your elbows are fully extended. Also, by using a machine it isolates that muscle. It pretty much forces you to follow a certain movement. 

A great thing about performing it with machine is that you can perform both arms together or as a single arm and by changing the placement of your elbow slightly wider, slightly inner, and that width or narrowness of your grip.  

You can also shift the emphasis on when you are training the bicep. With the Machine, don’t go too heavy, you don’t want to be rocking back and forth. You want to be nice and stable. So sit with your hips push back, leaning your chest over and ensure the back of the arm, the triceps is firmly against the back pad. 


 A point to remember  –  

Don’t smash the weight down at the bottom, control nicely. You have to keep tension firmly on that muscle every time you drop the weight down. So keep tension on that muscle throughout the 3 sets with full reps of 12 10 and 8 

Make sure to increase the weight by small increments.  


No.5 – CHIN-UPS 

 Now at first glance, this exercise might seem like you work in the back but by doing chin-ups, you are in fact working the biceps. It can also be also be done in another way. This is by using an assisted spot either with the machine or with your training partner by gently lifting up your legs bent to help in supporting your weight. 

 Apart from this, you can also use one of the resistance bands looping it around and hooking your knee or foot to provide extra resistance.  

A final point on this one just like with all the other exercises, don’t go too quickly, don’t rock back and forth. Allow for a slow descent and then contraction back up forcing that muscle hard up at the top.  

Don’t try to go too heavy. Focus more on how the muscle is feeling on every repetition, whether it’s with pull-ups dumbbells or machines. Force and contract that muscle. Imagine that someone’s got their hand around your arm and they’re squeezing it and you’ve got to create that tension to ease the grip. 

That should be the mindset on every repetition and if you start off performing exercises this way, you won’t be too long before you’re stepping up the advancements progressing both with weights and seeing a real noticeable difference in your physique.

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NOTE: Rest 30-45 seconds between sets.



3   *   10


3   *   12-8


3   *   12  


3   *   12-8


3   *   12

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