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Welcome to your own fitness blog. Here you can ask me any fitness related query.

 Well here i am going to post the weekly updates and informational videos. Make sure to check out my weekly updates, so that you will not miss any deep informational content that i will be updating every week.

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Know the major difference between MUSCLE BUILDING AND FAT LOSS. Know which STRATEGY WORKS BEST for you. Make sure to watch this video till end. So that you can easily draw a line between MUSCLE BUILDING & FAT LOSS approach 🙂, and which works best for you.



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Hey guys. Whats’up This is Rishab.
Today, my topic is musclebuilding or fat loss
which one is best for your body.
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lets jump into the topic
so first of all i want to tell you that most of the people
are confused between muscle building or fatloss, that which one to follow first.
like beginners mostly face this kind of problem that which is going to suit their body first.
and in this video, i am going to disclose this information that what you can follow first
first of all, suppose that this is your body.
and here is muscle building, on the other hand we have fat loss
and you are here.
So there are two roads.
One is going towards the muscle-building
and the other one is going towards fatloss.
Well, there are 2 ways to reach your muscle building goal.
firstly you can opt for a caloric surplus approach
and secondly you can also go with the carb cycle.
and same goes with the fat loss strategy.
here we have also 2 strategies. One you can go through caloric deficit
and you also take the carb cycle approach
and now what we can do with carb cycle
So like, we are having carb cycle in both of them – muscle building and fatloss.
and you are surely having this question in your mind right now that
carb cycle is in both of them so where i am going to reach with this approach? Is it muscle building or fatloss?
If we are following carb cycle then there is a strategy for this too.
If we are following carb cycle for musclebuilding then
we will be having 4-5 days high carbs and low protein.
and for the rest of the 2-3 days, we will be having high protein and low carbs.
and next if we will talk about fatloss
In fat loss we will have high protein and low carbs for 4-5 days
and for the rest of the 2-3 days, we will take high carbs and low protein
So, whats the impact of the carb cycle strategy
By following this process, we shock our metabolism to a high extent
in this, firstly you are taking high carbs for 2 days
and then instantly you drop carbs
and increase the protein intake. after that for the next 2 days you increase the carbs intake
so that’s the thing, you are shocking your metabolism.
and indeed it is one of the best approach for musclebuilding or fatloss whatever your body goal is.
and now we will discuss about the main part of this video, that which one will best suit your body.
musclebuilding or fat loss. which one you can follow
Now here we will talk about BMI.
If your BMI is 15% or less, then you will follow muscle building strategy
because your body fat percentage is low.
and when you will follow a muscle building program, its obvious that you will increase your body fat percentage too.
So its better to cut the fat first to 15% or less then go for the muscle-building strategy.
So, for those who have their body fat percentage is 15% and above
Obviously, i hope you know right now that they will have to follow the fat loss strategy
because if they will follow the muscle building strategy then they will increase their fat percentage too.
So, when they will cut after some time, they will face issues
thats why the best approach and strategy is to cut your body fat percentage to 15% or less and then shift towards the muscle buidling.
and now the question is how you can check your BMI?
So BMI is Body Mass Index
like how much thick is your body fat layer which is over and above your muscle
So if you want to check your BMI, then you can head over to my website
i will provide the link in the description
and over there on the second page you will
get to know about everything that how much macros you need per day.
if your goal is musclebuilding then over there you will get to know that how much carbs, protein and fat is required .
and same for the fatloss too.
all in all you will get know about the total macro nutrients break down.
So please just make sure to go through that link.
I hope now your are aware about the strategy to follow
for musclebuilding or fatloss. which one to follow first.
and as of now the quarantine is going on, what most of our community is doing that
they are making something new like cake or some other thing
and also they are making these stuff not considering the longer gap period in between.
Its just a gap period of 2-3 days.
So please avoid this all. do the homeworkout, take a balanced diet.
look healthy
So when you will go out of your house,
in front of your neighbours or relatives, they will say that yes you are changed now.
well, here i am not talking about the change from fit to fat.
i am talking about fat to fit here.
The main thing is you eat good, stay healthy and fit
and take care of what your are eating.
Inspire your family members and relatives.
and yes strong your immunity too.
and in this period of quarantine, its very necessary to boost your immunity
add immunity boosing foods in your diet.
for that i have made video on this, you can check it here.
and in that video you will get to know about the top 3 immunity boosting foods and much more
information regarding corona virus that which category of people are mostly affected with this.
So coming back to the topic
musclebuilding, fat loss
If your goal is muscle-building, caloric surplus and carb cycle
i told you about carb cycle. and both strategies will take same time.
destination is same.
no issues at all. its all upto you which strategy you want to choose.
same goes with the fat loss.
carb cycle and caloric deficit. take whatever you want to.
time will be the same to reach your goal
and stay focused towards your goal. keep tracking your macros
about your carbs, protein and fats
and this one i have told you from where you can check this from my website.
So again i am telling you to eat good, stay healthy and fit
and avoid these cakes as well as other stuff
So guys if you find this video interesting then please make sure to like this video.
and do let me know in the comment section that how you find this video.
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Thank you so much guys. Have a nice day.
Stay fit stay healthy. Bbye

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